T&D comes into its own

National association grows 25 per cent in three years
By Shannon Klie
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/30/2006

The war for talent in Calgary has increased the value organizations place on training and development, said the chair of the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Society for Training and Development.

“Learning and development in Calgary has suddenly really blossomed as a way to help an organization get over this issue of not having enough staff,” said Val Carter. “Keeping people engaged by giving them skills to develop their career to add more value to the organization — that is really huge. That is part of the reason why training and development in Calgary is coming into its own.”

This maturation of the profession accounts in part for the Calgary chapter’s astronomical growth over the past year. The chapter’s membership grew by 77.6 per cent, from 74 in 2004-2005 to 131 in 2005-2006.