Looking beyond values to value-add

Clients, employees are demanding that organizations broaden their appeal
By Kristen Carscallen
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/19/2006

For businesses where intellectual capital is the major input, the challenge to retain staff is particularly critical. Unless a company is seen as an employer of choice, it won’t attract or retain the kind of people who can develop a competitive business strategy. Therefore, recruiting and retaining top talent is a priority for these organizations. After all, top talent can simply take their knowledge and go elsewhere with relative ease.

One key strategy for both hiring and retention is diversity. Far beyond a matter of values, diversity strategies are rapidly becoming a key weapon in the arsenal of those competing in the talent wars.

Diversity is usually seen as values-driven, but there are also clear business reasons why diversity is a strategic priority for organizations. The first and most obvious answer is the war for talent. Unless patterns of early retirement and immigration change dramatically, there will soon be fewer people entering the workforce in Canada than leaving it. The labour shortage faced by industries in Alberta is a harbinger for the rest of the country.