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Smaller firms overburdened by red tape; Temporary foreign workers rules eased in Ontario; Stress making nurses sick; B.C. mulls ending forced retirement; Ontario passes law to help immigrants get licenses; Canadian companies weak on internal controls
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/11/2007

Smaller firms overburdened by red tape

Ottawa — Small and medium-sized firms in five selected sectors spent $1.53 billion in 2005 filling out paperwork in compliance with government regulations, according to Statistics Canada. Income tax filing accounted for 41 per cent of the total cost of compliance, followed by federal-provincial sale tax filing (17 per cent) and payroll remittances (14 per cent). For businesses employing one to four people, compliance costs represent $982 per employee. The cost per head drops as a firm increases in size, to $326 in firms of five to 19 employees, $146 in firms of 20 to 99 employees and $87 in firms of 100 to 499 employees. The five sectors surveyed were manufacturing, retail, professional, scientific and technical services and accommodation and food services.

Temporary foreign workers rules eased in Ontario