Using technology in sourcing talent

Software can reduce costs and hire time, while increasing the quality of hire
By Alice Snell
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/09/2008

Attracting and retaining qualified employees is a problem facing almost every organization. As the talent shortage becomes more acute, successful HR executives in diverse industries are turning to more comprehensive recruiting technology.

Recruitment advertising was once the primary way to find talent and the resumé was the tool of choice for jobseekers. However, new technology and the Internet have increasingly replaced these methods.

Many organizations are now implementing new and innovative practices, particularly in the integration of front-end careers websites with back-end data and talent management systems. Most corporations are recruiting through the corporate website, which can act as a front-end user interface for a back-end recruitment automation system. The website is able to pull the right data from all candidates and give the data the structure necessary to make back-end processing more efficient.