Interim postings a win-win for firms, execs (Web sight)

Temporary managers provide cost savings and new insight
By Ann Macaulay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/06/2007

The sudden departure of a key employee can be damaging — even devastating — to an organization. That’s why an increasing number of firms choose to hire interim leaders who can fill pivotal roles within an organization quickly without having to commit to a permanent relationship. This gives the firm some breathing room while the search for a permanent replacement continues. Interim leaders can provide a cost-effective staffing solution and they often bring a fresh perspective to the organization. They can also provide the expertise that the firm needs for a short-term project, including investigating a merger or acquisition opportunity or managing a large project. These short-term assignments appeal to many executives since they combine a variety of assignments and new challenges with the ability to take time off in between, without the pressures that come with a full-time position.

Pros and cons of interim leaders