Annoying cold calls and other complaints

HR professionals share their thoughts on staffing and temp agencies
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/20/2007

It’s an ongoing battle.” That’s how Nancy Elson, recruiting lead at Siemens Canada, described the endless effort she has to make to keep temp and staffing agencies at bay.

“I get three or four calls a day. And they’ll show up at the front desk, try to use connections to get through,” she said. “They’re trying to get business, but they don’t understand our business.”

When she joined Siemens three years ago, there was no control over which manager was hiring through which agency. At Siemens, an engineering services firm employing just under 8,000 employees at 17 locations across Canada, employees hired through temporary and staffing firms represent only about 10 per cent of the overall recruiting activity at any given time.