Cut employees some “slack”

Employees who are consumed by assigned work seldom have time to bring new ideas to the business. Employers need to provide some “slack” if they want to be innovative.
By David Brown
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/29/2001

The executive team at 3M thought they had killed a development project for notepads with adhesive backings. But even though employees on the development team were told to let it go, they remained convinced the idea was a winner.

Performing an end-run around the executive office, the project members delivered the prototype notepads to the secretaries of the senior team.

The secretaries who were thrilled with the handy notepads were just as disappointed when they found out there were none left and annoyed when they heard it was their bosses that were to blame. Soon after, management had a change of heart and the development team was told to go ahead with their plan to develop Post-it Notes, one of 3M’s most successful products.