Hiring shouldn’t be a subjective process (Guest commentary)

Assessments help match candidates and job profiles
By Richard Morin
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/25/2007

In the process of selecting, interviewing and hiring, there is a lot of subjective thinking going on. Just think of what your managers tell you about an applicant who makes the grade and gets hired, or what is said about those who leave the office, having failed to make the right impression.

Other than education, work history, proximity and skills, hiring is all about how managers “feel” about the candidate. Too much emphasis is placed on whether they “like” the applicant as opposed to how they will fit in and produce in the position.

If they approve, managers’ comments range from, “a really nice person, pleasant, friendly, witty, sharp, engaging, seems like a good fit.” This type of conversation has a flow to it, as the manager is relieved to have found a good candidate at the end of a long hiring process.