PNP: A vital tool in the recruitment toolbox

Employers can use programs to find workers
By Howard Greenberg
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/25/2007

Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, provinces that have entered into an agreement with the federal government have the ability to select immigrants who will be beneficial. The intention is simply to permit provinces to select skilled and business immigrants based on their individual priorities. The key considerations are that each successful nominee will be able to become economically established and reside in the selecting province.

The HR perspective is simple: Key skill shortages must be addressed in a quick and expeditious process that will result in long-term value. Provincial nominee programs (PNP) permit Canadian employers to obtain immigration advantages that include the following:

Processing a work permit without Service Canada labour market opinion (LMO) issuance. Once the nomination acceptance/certificate is obtained and the province confirms the urgent need for the applicant, the work permit can be issued by a visa. There is no need to wait the extended processing times currently experienced at Service Canada offices to obtain a LMO.