Canada’s economic output per person lower than U.S.

But the gap has been closing since 2000, says Statistics Canada
||Last Updated: 04/11/2007

Canada’s economic output per person is lower than it is in the United States, but the gap has narrowed since the turn of the millennium, according to Statistics Canada.

Canada's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita stood at 84.3 per cent of GDP per capita in the U.S. in 2005, an improvement from the low of 81 per cent in 1998. This was also slightly above the average of 83.2 per cent for the 12-year period between 1994 and 2005.

The gap in GDP per capita between Canada and the U.S. is driven by two factors. These are the differences in labour productivity, which are measured as GDP per hour worked, and the differences in the number of hours worked per capita between the two countries.