Strategic plan off base, do not pass go

Board game lets teams of employees run a business, simulating hard decisions and strategic challenges.
By Ann Macaulay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/08/2003

A group of employees is gathered around a colourful board game, chatting and discussing work. An after-hours get-together? Lunchtime in the cafeteria? Not at all—they’re in a training session, using simulated learning to become more effective in their jobs.

Making Sense of Business: A Simulation is a training method designed by Development Dimensions International (DDI). The game provides hands-on experience in executive decision-making, helping employees to understand how and why business decisions are made.

The simulation lets them run their own “businesses” in teams of two to five people. They make decisions about budgets, resources and investments, helping them to understand the dynamic nature of business. The game shows employees how complicated operating a business is. Often, employees don’t understand how their job affects the organization as a whole or why certain decisions are made.