How HR can support innovation (Guest commentary)

As firms get smaller, HR needs to leverage market intelligence
By Malcolm Gabriel and Pierre Robitaille
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/04/2007

Canada’s future economic prosperity rests with its ability to innovate. Organizations need to leverage market intelligence to introduce high-tech products and services that cannot be easily replicated and increase the frequency and reduce the cycle time of new products and services.

Simultaneously, organizations are getting smaller as they outsource or offshore the low-value part of the business and leverage low-cost production internationally.

Since most HR internal headcounts are rationalized on some ratio of HR resource per total company headcount, the value HR demonstrates in the future must be different because organizations will be leaner and a lot more self-reliant. More importantly, most new managers emerging from university or college, especially MBA programs, have a better understanding of leadership and coaching. The fundamentals of people management and organizational behaviour are generic and integrated into most specialized degrees and diplomas. Therefore, the importance of having many internal HR resources dedicated to people management issues will dwindle.