Screaming about Alberta’s compassionate care leave (Guest commentary)

When compassionate care leave is anything but compassionate
By Lisa Lambert
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/04/2007

Last month a Sacramento, Calif., amusement park added a ride called the Screamer. This thing takes riders 168 feet in the air, spins them and then drops them face-first towards the ground at more than 100 kilometres per hour.

Talk about a scream. The funny thing, though, is that riders are forbidden from screaming on the screamer. In fact, they are warned that any noise from them will mean they are pulled from the ride. The Screamer riders are told by park employees to muffle their shrieks by placing their hands firmly over their mouths. One teenage rider interviewed at the park stated the obvious: “Don’t have a ride called ‘Sky Screamer’ if you can’t scream while you’re in the air.”

The Screamer on which you cannot scream is a little bit like compassionate care leave in Alberta, which is not a leave and is anything but compassionate.