Study paints rosy picture for recruiters

‘Dramatic’ drop in number of Canadian employers having trouble filling jobs: Manpower survey
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/04/2007

When it comes to talent shortages, Canada has moved into a much stronger position in 2007 and is sitting comfortably compared to many other countries. That’s according to a global survey by staffing firm Manpower that found only 36 per cent of Canadian employers are having difficulty filling positions, almost half of the 66 per cent reported in 2006.

“Quite frankly it looks like a typo, it’s very dramatic,” said Melanie Holmes, vice-president of corporate affairs at Manpower’s international headquarters in Milwaukee.

Impressively, Canada saw the largest drop (30 percentage points) in difficulty filling positions, compared to all other countries. The closest were Germany (down 29 percentage points) and Spain (down 24 percentage points). Countries seeing the greatest jumps in difficulty were New Zealand (up 37 percentage points), Australia (up 29 percentage points), Hong Kong (up 18 percentage points) and Singapore and France (up 10 percentage points).