Internships a win for immigrants, firms (On staffing)

An inside look at how Career Bridge, a non-profit program, kick starts the careers of foreign-trained professionals
By Pinoo Bindhani
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/22/2007

Canadian businesses of every type and size are desperately looking for solutions to the unprecedented challenges they are facing in attracting and retaining skilled and experienced talent.

The harsh new labour market reality in Canada — and indeed around the world — is that there is a shrinking pool of qualified or experienced workers to fill jobs in almost every sector of the economy. Organizations are just beginning to engage in a “war for talent” that will intensify as the population continues to age and as the baby boomers begin retiring in huge numbers.

Significant skills shortages are already having a dramatic impact on many industries and the expectation is that Canada’s economy will face a shortfall of one million or more qualified workers in the next decade.