HRMS: Using technology to tap talent

For a Vancouver firm managing a growing international sales staff, multiple pricing and compensation plans created an HR nightmare. Technology to the rescue.
By Carolyn Collett
|CHRR, Guide to HR Technology|Last Updated: 03/30/2001

Recruiting, retaining and managing a high-powered workforce is always a demanding task. The challenge is even more daunting as a company’s operations expand, its markets become increasingly diverse and its departments develop in size and complexity.

Increasingly, growing enterprises are realizing that traditional human resources systems cannot cope with the challenges brought by new markets and evolving business objectives. This is especially true for organizations attempting to attract and retain top talent to capitalize on overseas business opportunities in sectors where demand exceeds supply.

Such firms require an advanced sales support and compensation system that empowers their sales personnel, while lowering HR administrative costs. The system must be capable of handling multiple currencies, languages and the unique needs of different territories. It must be accessible from the Internet, and allow sales staff to immediately submit performance updates and review their compensation/commission status from the office or from the field. Given the unpredictability of new markets, the system must enable enterprises to frequently evaluate their current position and, if required, change direction.