Compensation specialists evolving from business supporters to drivers

Understanding the importance of employee engagement
By Keri Humber and Manny Campione
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/23/2007

In the last several years, HR teams have made the leap from business supporters to business partners. With increased understanding and appreciation of the importance of employee engagement, senior management is more aware than ever of how necessary it is to invest resources in HR practices and programs that will drive employee engagement.

As part of the transformation to business partners, many HR professionals have encouraged senior leadership to adopt a total rewards approach to compensation. If employees are to appreciate the full scope of their remuneration, they must understand the value of each component, not just the cash compensation. Armed with this information, employees are better able to make an apples-to-apples comparison of their total rewards with that of the competition.

With the move to total rewards, compensation specialists will need to expand their knowledge beyond purely cash compensation and have a greater understanding of other elements of benefit offerings.