Get on right track with executive onboarding

More comprehensive orientation plans for incoming executives reduces turnover
By Cassandra Gierden
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/12/2007

Most organizations offer some level of orientation for new leaders. But without a well-defined plan for integrating the new leader, the risk of poor performance and failure is elevated.

Executive onboarding has grown out of traditional orientation to provide a more comprehensive and systematic plan for helping executives transition into new roles.

The term onboarding is typically used for leaders who are hired from outside of an organization, but is equally important for supporting internal transfers and promotions in any new management role. Take, for example Russ Jones, an employee with Rona, a Boucherville, Que.-based home improvement retailer. Jones, who had been with Rona for 21 years, suddenly found himself launching a commercial division and managing the company’s new role as a sponsor for the 2010 Winter Olympics.