Employees conducting background checks on employers

New website, based in Austria, lets employees rank employers around the world
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 08/22/2007

For years, employers have used technology to conduct background checks on potential employees. Now, thanks to a new website launched this week, employees have the ability to turn the table and conduct a background check on a potential employer.

The website, launched by a company in Austria, is encouraging employees to post anonymous ratings of employers around the world. Information includes ratings on the conditions of employment and the work environment of employers.

“Nowadays, jobseekers use the Internet extensively to research and retrieve information on a potential future employer,” read a news release put out by the website, which is called Kelzen. “Companies provide only general information about their business. This includes profiles of the business, its products, and career opportunities. Pay, working hours, and job tasks are not the only things that potential employees want. For many employees, the work environment plays an important role in career choices.”