In employee benefits… what was once unique has now become commonplace

The workplace is starving — employers for employees, employees for time. How a progressive benefits program can stop the hunger.
By Ann Vincola
|CHRR, Guide to Pensions & Benefits|Last Updated: 03/15/2001

Today’s employees want to know how employers will enhance their work experience and help balance their work and personal lives.

In fact, according to Aon Consulting’s study, America@Work 2000, respondents across the U.S. said the top factor in their commitment and loyalty to their employer is whether they believe that management recognizes the importance of their personal and family lives. The survey also revealed that stress plays a major role in reduced commitment, which directly relates to achieving work/life balance.

For the second year running, Canadians have also said that companies’ recognition of employees’ personal lives remains the strongest reason to be committed to an organization, according to the Canada@Work 2000 study. The study found that a growing number of respondents (29 per cent) rank work/life harmony as the first or second most important factor in taking a job. More than 69 per cent indicated that their organization had demonstrated increased efforts over the last year to support work/life needs.