Personal touch means the most in relocation

New survey uncovers 7 factors in relocation satisfaction
||Last Updated: 09/06/2007

The relationship that an employee forges with the relocation co-ordinator — a transferee’s main contact with the relocation company, who orchestrates aspects of a move — has the biggest impact on overall satisfaction, according to a new study.

“While most transferees are assigned a moving co-ordinator to help streamline the move co-ordination process, there can be big differences among relocation companies in the services this person provides," said Michael Drago, senior account manager for the real estate and construction industries practice at J.D. Power and Associates, a Westlake Village, Calif.-based marketing firm that performs customer satisfaction surveys.

"When the moving co-ordinator provides the transferee with a single point of contact for all parts of the move, minimizing the need for transferees to contact moving sub-partners, it provides a great deal of peace of mind, which is vital in providing a satisfying experience.”