What do employees want and need? Work/life balance

Employers need to offer flexibility and solutions to the complexities of work and life
By Wendy Creelman and Jane Boyd
|CHRR, Guide to Pensions & Benefits|Last Updated: 03/15/2001

For employers to have the best and most committed employees, it is becoming increasingly important to offer supportive environments. More and more, individuals are using work/life balance as selection criteria for prospective employers. Today’s youth demand it — they will not work for a company that does not believe in work/life balance and does not offer flexibility and solutions to the complexities of balancing work and life.

This is not a gender issue. Both men and women require that employers take notice of the fact that they have lives outside of work. Whether that includes children, elders, pets, education or recreational activities, this new workforce is putting work/ life balance ahead of dollars.

With the combination of an aging workforce and an increasingly competitive job market, it is time to act. In the past organizations have been able to ignore the fact that an employee had a child-care or an aging parent issue. The employer would simply hire someone else to do the job that wasn’t being done. An employee distracted from the task at hand to deal with personal business, would often be terminated.