Compensation systems starting to pay off

Newer technology makes compensation easier, accurate and reduces HR’s workload
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/29/2007

Visions of multi-page compensation spreadsheets clogging the desks and monitors of managers and HR staff are disappearing as technology continues to evolve.

“The same thing that allows centralized benefits administration, automated or web-based recruitment programs, that same kind of revolution, is in compensation as well,” says David Borrebach, a Philadelphia-based senior consultant with the Hay Group, a management consulting firm. “What that means is the Internet is being tapped, every year more effectively, to help us automate and rethink the fundamental ways we’re doing compensation tasks.”

That’s something Barb Conway, vice-president of HR at Thomson Carswell, has seen first-hand. The Toronto-based legal, finance and HR publisher, which has about 600 employees (and publishes