8 steps to effective training feedback

Getting the most value from investment on training
By Jacques Gaumond
|CHRR, Report on Training & Development|Last Updated: 10/31/2007

Imagine spending one-half of a year’s salary on a new car and just leaving it parked in front of the house forever. The car never roars down the highway, so there’s no way to gauge performance. It’s never taken grocery shopping, so it’s impossible to assess the trunk space. And the sound system is never cranked up, so nobody has any idea how good it is.

Few people would do that with a new car. But a remarkable number of organizations do the equivalent with employee training. They invest a substantial amount of money without ever doing preparatory work beforehand or seeking an accurate picture afterwards on what they gained for their money.

Many take a literal view of training feedback — they enquire about the trainee’s satisfaction and degree of learning upon training completion, but seldom ask about the job impact, business benefit or returns from the training investment once the trainee is back on the job.