On-site daycare ‘out of sight’

Flex time, job sharing and longer maternity leaves more likely benefits
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/01/2007

Two years ago, L’Oréal Canada in Montreal decided to introduce an autistic child into its on-site daycare program. The young boy integrated very well, enjoying the attention of specialists who followed his progress closely, and now another autistic child has been brought in.

The daycare is very convenient for parents, says Marie-Hélène Azar, corporate communications leader at L’Oréal, and is a great service for employees, giving them greater flexibility and precious time with their children, if possible, during breaks.

It’s a heartening story demonstrating the value and dedication that can be found in a workplace daycare. It’s also a rarity. While on-site daycares have long been touted as a solution to the child-care crisis, they are still few and far between. A mere six per cent of employers offer on-site daycare, according to a May 2007 survey by online job board Workopolis, and among