A new type of MBA program for a new breed of business specialists

Removing obstacles to simply getting things done
By Tema Frank
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/14/2007

The key to effective management is not elaborate systems, but “managing quietly: less hype and more connection,” says management expert Henry Mintzberg.

Unlike “empowerment,” which seems to come “as a gift from the gods,” he says, managing quietly simply helps people who know their business get on with the job. It is about low-key encouragement, and removing obstacles to getting things done.

Those “inflexible” employees in the lower ranks probably have a better grip on reality than the corporate planners and senior executives. Human resources staff should try to shape a corporate culture that improves links between the two, argues Mintzberg, who splits his time between Montreal’s McGill University and the INSEAD — a graduate school considered by many to be the “Harvard of Europe” – in France.