Why most organizations hate real diversity (Guest commentary)

Corporate experience sometimes still valued over entrepreneurship
By Michael Rosenberg
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/29/2007

Growing up in a Jewish home, I never really understood the disappointment a child feels when he finally learns there is no Santa. That was until recently. After 11 years of having my own consulting practice, I decided to join a large and fast-growing human resource consulting practice.

A friend who worked there told me it was a good place to work and I went through four months of interviews and psychological assessments. I read the books it had published and was familiar with its good reputation for teaching leadership and best employment practices to many organizations. It was a high-end consulting firm that charged top dollar and seemed to have a good reputation.

I was going to be working with people who would understand and value what made me different. I was going to learn how these great thinkers were able to apply what they taught to create what should be the perfect workplace, which I was going to be joining.