How much time does strategy deserve?

HR professionals must first decide what ‘strategic’ means
By Danielle Harder
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/29/2007

Ask Tracey Starrett how her function as an HR professional has changed over her 20-year career and she’ll take you back to her first job where she was tasked with manually recording attendance records.

“It was just so mindless,” she laughs. “It hadn’t been done for months when I took over the job. I was still living at home, and I used to take it home and my mom and I would sit (down) and do it at night.”

Contrast that with what she does now as a consultant with her own firm, the Starrett Group in Whitby, Ont. These days, she earns her money helping organizations create long-term visions for recruitment or find strategies to deal with liability or equity issues.