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Scotiabank faces $350-million suit; Nova Scotia to give casual workers bargaining rights; Bills target workplace violence; Manitoba protects immigrant workers
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/11/2008

Scotiabank faces $350-million suit


—Scotiabank is the latest financial institution to be hit with an unpaid overtime class-action suit. Cindy Fulawka, a long-time employee of the bank, is fronting the $350-million class-action suit on behalf of the bank’s non-management employees. The statement of claim alleges front-line customer service employees are given workloads that can’t be completed during normal working hours. As a result, they have to work overtime to meet the demands of their jobs, time for which they aren’t paid. Scotiabank denies its employees have been asked to work unpaid overtime and says its employee policies have been applied “fairly and consistently.” The suit comes on the heels of a $600-million class-action suit launched against CIBC in June and a $20-million suit launched against KPMG in September. To read about the $600-million suit that started it all, click