5 tips to perfecting performance reviews

Performance review process doesn't need to be painful
By Jacques Gaumond
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/25/2008

Love them or hate them, regular performance reviews are an integral part of an effective talent management strategy. While most managers dread doling out constructive feedback, most employees dread hearing it even more. This can lead to feelings of nervousness and discomfort every time the words “performance review” are uttered.

However, avoiding the process is not an option, as the failure to perform regular performance reviews has been shown to cause lower employee morale and increased turnover. Since employees are the most valuable asset in any organization, it is important employers treat them well and provide ample feedback, both positive and negative.

Performance reviews help ensure employees know where they stand within the organization and help them set goals for themselves for the next work period. They also help managers identify areas of weakness, which they can work to resolve through focused training programs, and areas of strength, which employees can further develop to advance their career.