Engineers, scientists catalysts for growth in employment

Professionals called ‘left-brain’ of cities
By Danielle Harder
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/25/2008

If there’s one thing Nortel did right during her tenure there, it was to hire engineers and scientists into non-traditional roles, said Gerlinde Herrmann.

“It didn’t matter. They’d plunk them into finance, into HR, any field. They just wanted the learning discipline. Eventually they would find their ground,” said Herrmann, now president of the Toronto-based consulting firm The Herrmann Group. She said the benefit of hiring those graduates was enormous.

“Sciences, in general, focus on the research. How do things work? Why do things work? Can they work differently? Are there other alternatives?” she said. “The whole discipline of a science background — whether it’s physics or engineering or whatever — focuses on that.”