What can we expect from the Liberals?

Tom Bursey comments on the HR-related initiatives
we're likely to see in the wake of the federal election
By Tom Bursey
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/07/2003

Tom Bursey is the chair of the federal government affairs committee for the HRPAO (Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario). Now that the election results are in, we asked him for some predictions about what HR managers can expect from the government.

Since it is a majority Liberal government, I think we can predict with some certainty what path they will continue on. For the most part, it’s good news.

The latest Liberal red book reads almost like a strategic HR plan for Canada. If they do half of the things they say they’ll do in that book, we’ll all be happy. I would encourage HR people to get the book and track the government’s progress on its promises.