3 ways to keep high-potential talent

Instead of looking for new ways, employers should revert to tried-and-true methods
By Henryk Krajweski
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/07/2009

High-potential employees have become a hot commodity. They’re getting the job done today and they’re in line to fill key leadership positions tomorrow as the exodus of the baby boomers from the workplace begins. With the war for talent most certainly here to stay, competition for these future stars is heating up.

But how can employers ensure they keep these valued workers on board, engaged and ready to take over, when the most desired positions aren’t open yet? The answer comes not in trying to find the hottest “best practices” to engage employees but in rekindling three “best principles” that have stood the test of time and apply in virtually every company and every industry.

These “best principles” were discovered decades ago, but have yet to undergo the dramatic repackaging and rebranding that so many of the soundest, and simplest, HR principles have undergone.