What HR can learn from Simon Cowell (Guest commentary)

Employee traits that influence company's success often subjective
By Courtney McDaid
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/18/2008

What makes a company successful? Most people will agree it is a combination of a great product or service and engaged employees. A great product or service is clearly essential, but engaged employees are equally as important. These kinds of employees are the people who generate the ideas for great products and services, look out for the interest of the company and represent the company.

But how are we measuring success at the employee level? Somehow key elements of this area are getting lost and being replaced by the quantitative details of jobs, even if these details are not critical to job or company success. Intrinsically, if your manager rates how well you do something, you try to do it well. If it impacts your salary, you try to do it really well.

The question is: Are we measuring the right things? In an effort to be fair and objective, we’ve shifted to evaluating performance against quantitative and measurable aspects of jobs from what’s really important to the overall success of a company, which is often subjective.