Employees rate bosses, workplaces on Internet

Web 2.0 harkens new age of transparency for employers
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/29/2008

Restaurant reviews, product reviews and recommended articles. The online world is rife with sites that let visitors rate pretty much anything under the sun. But candid commentary on employers is still largely absent on the Internet.

That might change with the appearance of websites such as RateMyEmployer.ca. With the tag line, “Who said background checks and pre-employment screenings should be reserved for employers only?” the website has garnered ratings on 1,400 employers in Canada since debuting in January.

Comments on the site are captivating in the way that overheard gossip is engrossing. One hears from anonymous commentators about bad management, hostile work cultures, inadequate pay, incompetence rewarded and good work unrecognized.