Boomers source of talent and growth (Guest commentary)

Helping boomers transition to retirement can pay big dividends for employers
By Suzanne Armstrong
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/12/2008

Baby boomers have always prided themselves on bringing their own special approach to everything they do and retirement will be no different for this remarkable generation.

Unlike earlier generations who seemed content to accept a gold watch and a retirement party before putting their feet up in satisfaction, boomers will not be content to simply ease into a predictable life of idle leisure. This generation will be looking for new ways to continue living active, meaningful, interesting and fulfilling lives — either by remaining on the job in new or reduced capacities or by reinventing themselves to spend their golden years in innovative ways.

With this relatively healthy, wealthy and ambitious cohort poised at the threshold of retirement, the 2008 TD Waterhouse report