Career paths for Gen X, Gen Y

Keeping younger employees is about work-life balance, not titles and money
By Judy Sweeney
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/12/2008

Gen X and Gen Y employees have very different expectations from those of their parents when it comes to their careers. Gone is the sense of loyalty to an organization. Lifelong jobs at one company are neither expected nor wanted and if they don’t find interesting work within a company, they’ll look elsewhere.

But as recruiting becomes even more competitive, companies simply can’t afford to lose the talent they already have.

To help motivate and retain the Gen X and Gen Y workforce, companies should create a clear development plan for them. Career path planning is an effective way to motivate, retain and empower younger employees. This means providing younger workers with a variety of job-specific learning opportunities, closer relationships with decision-makers, effective mentoring programs and support in developing stronger leadership and management skills.