Tales from the recruitment crypt

By Dianne Bradshaw
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/07/2003

Targeted international recruiting poses its own challenges. Sometimes, despite the best research, things are not as they seem. Take, for example, my experience as a recruiter for Bio-Research Laboratories in the 1980s. My mandate was to identify, locate and recruit a rare top scientist in the U.K.

I had determined his name, and that of his employer, but could go no further. The company protected its intellectual property well; there was a “firewall” around key employees, and the receptionist would not let me talk to him. Clearly, a more creative solution was called for.

For two days I was stymied. Then, just like in the cartoons, a light bulb went on. I cleverly reasoned that Dr. X would have to live within commuting distance of this company, which was located in a rural area. After looking at the map, and making some inquiries, I identified only one community that looked like a nearby residential area. Taking a deep breath and crossing my fingers, I called Directory Assistance. Bingo! They did indeed have a listing for an individual by that name, and in that town. My creativity was rewarded. Things were soon to get even better.