Quebec executives overwhelmed by data: Survey

Information, data important for business decisions but not always accurate or timely
By Sarah Dobson
||Last Updated: 08/18/2008

More than one-half of executives in Quebec say the amount of information they have overwhelms them and three-quarters believe their staff could share information more effectively. A survey by Leger Marketing also finds that while 94 per cent of executives believe it is important to have access to information and data to make better-informed business decisions, only one in 10 say the information they receive about their department or business performance is always accurate and timely. And only one-quarter say the information they receive is always useful.

“In today’s digital age, it is timely information, not time, that is money,” says Jean-François Ouellet, marketing professor at HEC Montreal. “Because so much data is now available, companies that master turning data into useful business information will have a definite advantage over those that don’t.”