The right test for the right hire

But HR must understand the job before choosing an assessment
By Shawn Bakker
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/07/2008

There are few things in HR that have such a level of apprehension, myth and misunderstanding as behavioural assessments. Yet when used correctly these tools can help organizations hire more effective employees, reduce turnover and save time and money.

HR professionals already use a wide variety of assessment tools. Interviews, application reviews and reference checks are forms of assessments used to judge how well a candidate fits with the job. Behavioural assessments are an extension of these other processes.

Behavioural assessments are standardized, structured tools that predict how an individual will carry himself at work. They provide information about how someone will communicate with others, solve problems, set goals, deal with stress, manage change and learn. They can predict how someone will lead others and how effective he will be at sales.