Unions taking up the mantle of women’s issues

Pay equity, child care and violence among causes unions support
By Lorna Harris
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/12/2008

With manufacturing jobs disappearing, gas prices soaring and the environment calling for attention, women’s issues have not been front and centre in the media. However, the pay gap between the genders remains, the availability and cost of child care is still an issue, employment insurance is out of reach for many women who lack the requisite qualifying hours, and privatizing and contracting out in the public service sector have negatively affected many women’s wages.

According to a March 2008 report by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), unions have been an important force in closing the economic inequality and pay gap between men and women. While women employed full time in Canada earned about 75 per cent as much as their male counterparts in 2006, unionized women earned an average of 93 per cent. The report,

Women in the Workforce: Still a Long Way from Equity