Boomers sandwiched between aging parents, children

EAPs can help employers support employees feeling the elder care squeeze
By Erika Krett
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/12/2008

The baby boomers — those aged 45 to 64 — have been called many things over the past few decades — the me generation, the now generation and the peace and love generation. But now they have another moniker: The sandwich generation. They’re a generation with a triple load, caring for children, elderly parents and holding down a job.

According to Statistics Canada, three in 10 people aged 45 to 64 with unmarried children under 25 at home are also caring for an elderly relative. More than eight in 10 of them also work, causing many to reduce or shift their hours or turn down career advancement opportunities. For employers in an age of skilled worker shortages, the issue of elder care can mean a loss of talent, productivity and engagement and an increase in absenteeism, turnover, stress-related illnesses and benefits costs.

The growth of elder care