Nursing home threatens to fire staff for hoarding diapers

Front-line workers say they need to stash diapers because the undergarments are kept under lock and key
||Last Updated: 09/08/2008

Staff at a Toronto nursing home say a shortage of diapers has caused them to hoard the undergarments in residents' rooms. But administrators at the home say the front-line workers' hoarding practices are causing the shortage and have threatened to fire staff who continue to hoard diapers.

Staff at Leisureworld West Hill said the home keeps diapers under "lock and key," which means it can be hard to get fresh diapers when residents need them. Staff complained to the Ontario health ministry, which, after an inspection of the home on Aug. 11, cited the West Hill facility for violating the nursing home act.

The nursing home's CEO said investigators didn't look into whether extra diapers were readily available and ignored the statement from a registered nurse that the reason diapers at the home are in short supply is because front-line workers were hiding them in residents' rooms.