Moving payroll online allows for late changes

Metro Recycling sees fewer errors, greater flexibility with web-based system
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/04/2008

A couple of years ago, Metro Recycling used a payroll management system that sent the pay data for about 40 salaried employees and 60 hourly employees by modem to a payroll provider. The going was not always easy, says Marilyn Rea, payroll co-ordinator at the metal-recycling company in Guelph, Ont., as this method left little time for changes.

Now the company has a much smoother process with an online product, ADP’s Premier Performance Pack, that works through browser-enabled personal computers and “marries” HR and payroll administration, such as data entry and reporting, and provides unlimited data storage.

“It’s much easier,” says Rea. “The main thing I really like is when I input everything and send it to ADP, they send it right back to me immediately so I can check the payroll thoroughly, make sure it’s correct. If there are any problems, I can resend it as many times as I want for changes and when I’m completely satisfied it’s correct, then I send the final version down to them. That’s been a godsend.”