Staffer fired after bad-mouthing colleagues, management in blog

Harsh postings provided more than enough reason for discharge, says Alberta arbitration board
By Lorna Harris
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/03/2008

An unapologetic Alberta government employee who used a public blog to blast co-workers, management and her department was fired, a move upheld by an arbitration board.

The worker, identified only as an administrative worker in a department that handles sensitive files, was dealing with personal issues after the illness and death of her father. When her therapist suggested she write things down to vent her feelings, she started several public blogs on the Internet.

But she included rude postings about her workplace, co-workers and supervisors. Management consisted of “imbeciles” and “idiot savants” and her supervisor was a “lunatic-in-charge.” She insulted her co-workers and broke client confidentiality.