Role of engagement underappreciated (Guest commentary)

Winning hearts and minds of employees rarely considered in planning
By Paul Mansbridge
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/29/2008

Lost in the discussion of the war for talent is perhaps the larger and more pivotal issue of winning the hearts and minds of the rank and file.

While attracting top performers to senior and specialized industry jobs is a fundamental need, the long-term success of a business and its ability to retain star assets, particularly when challenged by new and powerful market entrants, is contingent upon a highly motivated and engaged employee workforce.

A study published in 2004 exploring more than 60 leading corporations around the globe found a highly engaged workforce regularly delivers a 20-per-cent better rate of productivity than those in businesses that had not invested in this relationship — a huge competitive advantage for companies willing to invest in a comprehensive and robust program to improve engagement.