Employees put high price on learning, development

BC Liquor Stores and Trojan Technologies tackle training to build loyalty and leaders
By Lynn Johnston
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/04/2008

Companies are often wary of investing too much time and money in training employees because of concerns these well-trained workers will walk out the door as soon as they get a better job offer elsewhere. But a company’s commitment to employee development often trumps salary incentives come decision-making time.

Trojan Technologies in London, Ont., specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of ultraviolet disinfection systems for wastewater, drinking water and environmental contaminant treatment. It needs to attract and retain employees with specialized skills who are willing to grow with an ever-expanding enterprise.

What does this mean? First, Trojan has to find people who thrive in an environment that’s constantly changing. Second, Trojan has to provide ongoing opportunities to learn. These include structured programs at colleges and universities and on-the-job training in industry-specific technical skills.