One thing not to do like Obama (Editor’s notes)

HR professionals shouldn't follow U.S. president-elect's screening process
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/02/2008

There’s no escaping Barack Obama — even in the pages of a Canadian publication aimed at HR professionals. Make that president-elect Barack Obama. (And, boy, doesn’t that sound good to say?)

It’s impossible to overstate the historical significance of his win. The worldwide reaction has been astonishing to watch unfold, and the optimism surrounding his election is striking in its contrast to the dark reality he is going to face in his first term — a crumbling economy, crippling deficit and unresolved foreign policy nightmares.

Consultants are already tossing his name around at will, whether it’s the article to my right (see page 31) on how to lead like Obama, or the new book that landed on my desk, Say it Like Obama, written by the head of a leadership development firm. It seems that everybody is jumping on the “do it like Obama” bandwagon. With tongue firmly in cheek, I set out to counterbalance all that and find something you absolutely should not do like Obama. It didn’t take me long to find something — whatever you do as an HR professional, don’t ever recruit talent like the incoming American president.