Change in approach makes all the difference

Best practices in recruiting Aboriginal Peoples
By Bob Joseph
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/16/2008

With a tight labour market, employers might want to consider targeting recruitment efforts to a niche market with potential applicants who have not been saturated with job postings — Aboriginal Peoples. Although this market has its recruitment challenges, these can be overcome by adapting an employer’s strategy and following a few simple steps.

Setting the stage

Before investing in the recruitment process, take a look at what the organization offers employees. Is it an employer of choice and, therefore, the kind of place where Aboriginals would want to work? To be sure, a quick call to a local Aboriginal community employment counsellor is helpful. An employer of choice for Aboriginal Peoples would be an organization seen publicly supporting Aboriginal communities through outreach initiatives such as scholarships and donations, and attendance at community events such as powwows, sporting events and community career fairs.