Time to rethink immigration point system (Guest commentary)

Officers need to be able to choose immigrants with needed skills
By Robert Vineberg
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/21/2009

Canada should revamp its immigrant selection system to do what it was designed to do: Select immigrants who will make the greatest contribution to Canada.

Canada was the first country in the world to develop a selection system based on points. The original points system, introduced in 1967, was linked closely to labour market demand and an immigrant’s potential to meet that demand.

The system worked not only because it was simple but also because the number of people around the world applying at the time roughly equalled Canada’s ability to process cases. The system was also a success because it selected the immigrants Canada needed and because a point could be awarded for every year of formal education (to a maximum of 20). And it was not just PhDs but those in the skilled trades who received credit for their training.